Saturday, June 1, 2013


This past September, Steve and myself, embarked upon our first cruise experience.  My sister and BIL and my mom and her new hubby joined us.  Our trip began with a flight from LAX to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  In Florida, I distinctly remember the humidity of the air and the suffocating feeling of it.  My first experience with true humidity.  Yikes. 

We then rented a mini van and drove around Ft. Lauderdale as we had many hours to kill before checking in at our ship.

Our ship, Oasis of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean was insanely large and the best that I could tell from other ships.

On the ship, we were shown to our rooms which were amazing. 

During the cruise we made a few stops and had a few adventures.

First, Naussau.  Disgusting.  I don't care if I don't ever go back.  You know, dead rats in the street and stuff...

Second, St. Thomas.  Here, all six of us went attempted snorkeling at Turtle Cove.  We lost one along the way.  I enjoyed this experience.  Steve, not so much. 

Finally, St. Maartens.  Here, Steve and I went on a Jeep excursion.  We shared the Jeep with another couple.  We had a tour guide that we followed all over the island making a couple of stops along the way.  Steve and I got to spend a couple of hours on a beach and enjoy the white sand and warm, clear water. 

Here are some pictures of our dinner table and waiter.  The food was amazing and dining was a real experience.  Fun.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Don't Want To Be A Deason Anymore

One night, this summer, I made chicken stir-fry for dinner.  There was carrots and broccoli in the stir-fry.  Apparantly, that was all Jonathan could handle.  He decided that he didn't want to be a Deason anymore.  He notified us that he was moving out and going to live next door and become a Meiners. 
He packed his bag and ran away from home.

After 10-15 minutes Steve went next door to bring the runaway home. 

Jonathan wasn't excited to be back and to still be a Deason.

Check out the important things to a six year-old.  At least he took his pennies and socks. 

Mt. Lassen

The day after the 4th of July, we packed up for a day trip to Mt. Lassen.  We made a couple of stops in the park: the Sulfer Pots, Bumpass Hell (3 mile hike in snow slush).

Sophie was sick this day and made it known to all at the visitor's center while we were watching a video on volcanoes.  She threw up all over Steve.  Luckily, there are t-shirts for sell in the visitor's center.  Yay!!!

Poor, poor Jonathan.  He was so scared at the start of the hike because we were hiking a big bad volcano.  He really didn't want to go...

We all hiked, except for Sophie, who rode on mom's and dad's shoulders (mostly dad's)
We had a great time. 

A really, really, good time


4th of July 2012 - Lake Almanor

The fourth of July started off with our usual trip to Lake Almanor.  The morning of the 4th the Reno's and us Deason's went into Chester to see the parade. 
Then, fireworks at night on the Peninsula.

Tee Ball 2012

So, in our efforts make Jonathan a well-rounded little boy...
Tee Ball

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love Those Kiddies

Christmas 2011

Christmas was so much fun this year. 

The weekend before Christmas we drove down to the LA Temple to look at the lights.  They are so beautiful and amazing.  It only partially rained this year. 

Jonathan only had one request from Santa this year; he wanted  Count Dooko.  Yep. 

Sophie wanted all kinds of things but
wasn't too sure of Santa this year.  He did bring her a doll and a little pink car though.  She really got
the opening presents thing down. 

Steve got Condors Hockey season tickets (6 games)

Susie got an iPad (Christmas and birthday)

Oh, and most important the week before Christmas we went to PetSmart and adopted a cat.  His original name was Toesy and is a three year-old male.  On the drive home after the adoption I tasked Jonathan with giving the cat a new name.  Jonathan's choice...Kit Fisto.  So we now have Kit Fisto as part of our family.